Psychology about Texting a girl | How to text a girl attractively

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Psychology about Texting a girl

Through this article, you will know the top secrets about texting a girl. You will get full information about how to text a girl like a pro. In this blog, I will mainly focus on psychological factors about texting a girl that will attract her towards you.

Dude, I promise you after reading this article. If you will follow my advice then I guarantee you. That you will become so attractive in her mind that she can’t stop thinking about you. So in every guy’s mind, one question arises that how to text a girl that will attract her towards you. Don’t worry I have the answer to this perplexing question. I will share some psychological secrets about how to text a girl in a way that will intensely attract her towards you.

Texting a girl like an alpha male is very easy don’t put so much effort to impress her. Just do it effortlessly. Yeah, you heard it right effortlessly!. Woman are attracted to those guys who don’t put so much effort to impress her.  This is a psychological factor. So the question is how to text a girl like a pro let’s begin:-

How to text a girl attractively

So if you are one of the guys who suck in texting a girl and fail to get her attention and you are tired of thinking that how to attract a girl through texting. Then follow my suggestions given below I have given psychological factors that will surely attract her subconsciously towards you.

So here are my top 6 suggestions on how to text a girl that will attract her:-


  1) Don’t kiss her ass

Attractive man sitting on chair

This is the most common mistake that guys do all the time when texting a girl or approaching a girl. Don’t kiss her ass. The most terrible thing about guys is that they think that girl is like a god. They worship her all the time and act like a slave in front of her. Be a man, girls are attracted to men, not to losers who kiss their asses every single time. Through this point, I am trying to say that don’t agree to the girl stuff all the time.

If you will agree with every single stuff and never argue with her and never express your point of view. while online or offline then she will put you in the list of friend zone. Because she needs a friend like you who listens and agrees to her shit all the time. If you always agree and listens to her stuff every time. Then yeah she will text you every day this is great but with the intention of only as a friend. Because she needs a problem solver in her life like you. who can always solve her life problems like a sweet guy.

Don’t be a sweet guy, girls are not attracted to sweet guys. They are attracted to the dominant males who live on their own terms and conditions. The conclusion of this point is that while Texting a girl. The more you invest, the less attracted to you she is. It’s that simple.

If you are texting a girl then invest a little bit less effort than her. Because the fact is almost every guy is texting a girl to impress her. They all are trying so hard to get her. This is not the new thing for that girl. All the boys are chasing her and investing in her so much and trying so hard to get her.

If you will follow this point. You will be the only guy who will invest less in her and who will not try so hard to impress her. This psychology will hit her mind. Then she will start thinking very intensely about you. That,why only you are not giving attention to her. After reading this article Just implement this stuff. You will know how to text a girl and attract her easily without investing too much. she will become attracted towards you and she will crave very intensely to get your attention.

2) Don’t be too available when texting a girl

Busy man

The second common mistake guys do when texting a girl is they are too available for that girl. They give fast replies and this kills attraction. In the majority of cases. I have seen that when a boy is chatting with a girl on a social media platform. Guys get very late replies but they give immediate replies to girls. This kills attraction. Because the girl thinks that this boy doesn’t have any aim/goal in his life. He is always available whenever I need him.

There is the psychology behind this factor. That those things which are easily available to us we don’t value them, and those things which are hard to get and very scare our attention goes automatically there. So from this point. I want to say that don’t be always available. People give value to things which is hard to get, don’t be too available like a fool.

From the texting point of you if a girl replies you in a minute then you should reply back in 2 minutes. If a girl replies in 10 minutes then you should reply back in 15 minutes. Give the reply a little bit late this builds attraction. There is a psychology behind this. Because all the losers are giving an immediate reply to that girl. You are the only person who is giving late replies to her. This makes you special and unique. The girl will find a uniqueness in you. That you are not like all of those guys who are always available for her.

That Girl will find you a busy guy and girls like busy guys. just show her indirectly that you are a busy guy and you cannot be available for her all the time. After this, she will find you a high-status man. Hope you learned from this point that how to text a girl with this badass attitude.


3) Reply short while texting a girl


You don’t need to do research on google on how to text a girl like an insane guy. This trick is enough. you can trigger the girl’s mind with this trick. The trick is, Just give short replies that’s it. I have seen in most cases that boys get short replies from girls. The majority of boys send messages in huge paragraphs and from that they get one word or one line replies from girls. This the silliest mistake you can do when texting a girl. If you want to attract the girl through texting. Then do what the girls are doing with you for many years. Let me give an example this will make you clear.

Example- suppose a girl is chatting with you and she is replying you in 2 to 3 lines. Then you should reply her back in one line only. If a girl is replying you in 4 to 5 lines then you should reply her back in 2 lines only. just do the process half. This trick will work I guarantee you. Because indirectly you are sending a message to that girl that you are not trying too hard to impress her like all other guys.  This will make you special and a high-status man in that girl’s mind. You will seem a challenge to her and she will try hard to impress you. Hope soo after reading this point. You will not need to search on google How to text a girl guide.


4) Be funny

Attractive funny man

You will find in almost every guide article of how to text a girl. That girls are very much attracted to funny guys. Be funny. Girls love those guys who make them laugh. Use your humor to make her laugh. Don’t be sentimental. Don’t tell her about your loneliness and about your broken heart. While texting a girl. Yeah, she will sympathize with you. But subconsciously she will put you in the list of friend zone. These things are done by sweet guys. Don’t be a sweet guy. Girls are not attracted to sweet guys. Just be funny. Talk about fascinating things with her and don’t show desperation while texting. Girls can smell it very well this kills attraction. Girls are never attracted to a desperate or a needy guy.


5) Post pictures with your female friends

Man is clicking selfie with girls

Many studies have shown that girls are attracted to those guys who have more female friends. If you have female friends then click your pictures with them and by making any excuse show or send your crush that pictures while texting. she will indirectly find you attractive. Because there is a psychology behind girls. That a girl will find a man more attractive when a man is having tons of female friends. You can follow this advice. This will be an extra edge for you.


6) Be confident

A confident attractive man

You don’t need to think that how to text a girl to attract her. Ever wondered? girls never think or search that how to text a boy. Then why you think soo much about how to text a girl in a way that will attract her. Be an alpha. Confidence is the key when you are texting a girl or approaching a girl. You have to be confident.

If you think in your mind that you are a loser, then no one can help you. Respect yourself. Don’t crave for girls attention. Don’t text them continuously and shamelessly like an idiot. If she is not giving a crap, go find another one. There are millions of girls waiting for you. Be ambitious make goals in your life. Don’t beg girls to talk to you. Be an alpha male.  Don’t take girls too seriously. Just view them as a source of fun in your life.

The problem of boys is that they have made girls god. This is the worst thing about the men’s community. They worship girls. They intensely lavishing money, time and energy on them. As an alpha male, you should be a busy person. Girls need to earn your approval and attention. Text girls with this kind of mindset. In order to be charismatic to girls, you should be doing things with your life other than chasing girls. This will raise your value. Every girl would be lucky to have you. Just approach or text girls with this mindset. You don’t need to be needy and too desperate for a girl. Raise your financial status.

Girls are chasing a Mercedes guy not a good looking so-called stud guy. Be assertive. Remember you don’t need girls attention, you know that you are the best. Just take this kind of attitude. The problem of most of the guys is they feel very nervous around girls. Because they try hard to get the attention and approval from girls. At last, I wanna say that after following this approach. I guarantee you girls will kiss your feet. Just transform your slave mindset to a leader mindset.



So the final conclusion is that you should stop thinking that girls are important. Stop worshipping them. Stop sending tons of messages to them. If they are not giving you a crap. Change your beliefs, use self-affirmations. Be a high-status man. If you are searching the tricks and tactics to attract girls you will never able to attract girls. Because you are trying too hard to impress girls. If you want to attract girls. Then change yourself and change your mindset. Work on yourself. Think like you are the most important person in this world before texting a girl. Girls will attract automatically towards you.

Note:- I have given long-term solutions to attract a girl through texting. Perhaps this may not work in a short period of time. Because you need to change yourself and your mindset. You don’t need to try very hard to get girls attention. Those are short-term and temporary solutions.


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